Tony’s Smokehouse and Cannery carries a wide variety of fresh fish and seafood purchased directly from local suppliers. Many of our items are seasonal, so make sure to check back often to see what we currently have available or on special!

Jumbo Prawns – $12.99/lb.

Texan Gulf Prawns – $18.99/lb.

Fresh Oregon Shrimp Meat – $9.99/lb.

Jumbo Cooked Shrimp – $12.99/lb.

Sea Scallops – $19.99/lb.

Bay Scallops – $11.99/lb.

Live Clams – $6.99/lb.

Live Large Oysters – $10/dozen or $1 each

Fresh Dungeness Crab – $44.99/lb.

Pickled Herring – $9.99/lb.

Crawfish Boil – $6.99/lb.

Whole Chinook Salmon – $10.99/lb.

Wild Halibut – $29.99/lb.

Fresh Trout – $7.99/lb.

Ahi/Yellow Fin Tuna – $9.99/lb.

Wild True Cod – $10.99/lb.

Wild Rockfish – $9.99/lb.


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